About Us

Aloe And More is a Natural Herbal Company started by Yvonne Brown.  Having over 15 years of experience learning about natural products and remedies, she opened her own business to teach healthy lifestyles to her surrounding community.  As a proud woman hailing from the Caribbean her natural upbringing taught Yvonne the benefits and values of homegrown herbs, spices and vegetables. First hand experience was from her father who cultivated his own fresh farm and produce in the hills of Jack Vale, Jamaica when she was a young girl.  These childhood customs motivated Yvonne to develop her business with natural products as the forefront to enhance the body’s wellbeing.

Aloe and More provides natural products and encourages healthy lifestyle by educating and offering specific options to each persons health concerns.  Our products range from; teas, ointments, lotions, and soaps, as well as remedies for hypertension, circulatory system, colon health, and much more. At Aloe and More we develop special formulas for diseases that affect the entire body. We also assist with personal consultations for every customer’s specific need and ailments.

We hope to bring attention to the multiple benefits of natural products and the positive effects on the environment.